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Polak s.r.o.

Polak s.r.o.

Delnicka 63
170 04 Praha 7 - Holešovice
Czech Republic

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POLAK limited company came into existence on Oct. 1, 1992 on the basis of privatization and followed up on the rich tradition the beginning of which is dated back to 1919. In that year Mr. Josef Polák established the company named POLAK.
That company, having its place of business in Praha, aimed its efforts at the development of machines and technology of metal pressure die-casting. The invention of a die-casting machine with a cold vertical filling chamber in 1927, for which Mr. Polák was granted the patent, meant a fundamental importance. The patent soon spread in all advanced countries and in 1930 the licence for the production of these machines was sold to Germany and England. In 1935 the production of machines was extended by the production of dies and castings. In 1939 Mr. Polák died.
At the beginning of sixties the production of die-casting machines was brought to an end and the production of dies extended. Products of the company have been known in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Canada, USSR, India, Egypt, Australia and many other countries. The company existed in the below mentioned years under the following trade names:

1919 - 1939 POLÁK
1939 - 1946 PROMA (Progress-Maschinen)
1946 - 1949 Spojené továrny na obrábecí stroje
1949 - 1959 TOS Rakovník n. p.
1959 - 1966 Vihorlat Snina n. p.
1966 - 1977 Transporta Chrudim n. p.
1977 - 1992 CKD Praha o. p. závod Technické služby (later on renamed CKD Racionalizace a. s.)

On Oct. 1, 1992 a new history begins to be written about the company as the private limited company having the trade name of POLAK Ltd.
The Company focuses on immodest customers to which it can offer comprehensive solutions for their needs; from a casting design, design and construction documentation, production of the dies and/or of the cutting-off tool, the dies testing, all the way to delivery of the castings.
This objective requires a continuous modernisation and full concentration on quality of the production.
In 1999, the Company was successful in obtaining certification according to EN ISO 9001 standard.
Other activities of the Company include the exclusive representation of a German manufacturer of ejectors and cases for ejecting DREI-S-WERK.

Polak s. r. o. offers to you the delivering of:
-pressure casting dies for Aluminium alloys, made according to our own or delivered documentations, with a weight of up to 5 t, for machines of a closing force up to 13,0 MN (1300t).
There will be a model casting from the produced dies for appoval.
-tool for cutting off to the dies.
-produced castings from Al alloys made by pressure casting, dies for machines having a closing force of 2,5 and 4 MN (250 and 400 t) made in our test room.

Polak s. r. o. offers to you the delivering of a wide range of ejectors (according to DIN 1530) and cases for ejecting (in representation of the German company DREI-S-WERK). The ejectors are determined for metal pressure casting dies and for injection or pressing of plastics.

Employee amount 100-200
Certifications ISO 9001:1994