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Grossfeldstrasse 71,

7320 Sargans,


T+41 (0)81 7250101

F+41 (0)817250116

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Over the years the Stäubli group has emerged as the world’s leading producer of dobbies.

Concentration on a highly specialized section of the textile machine industry, constant dedicated work on new developments, and an uncompromisingly strict quality code earned them this position. Like so many other enterprise, in the Swiss textile machine industry, the Stäubli group traces its origin back to the 2nd half of the 19th century, when textile machines were generally imported from England. At that time Swiss textile manufacturers had reached a high production rate and made an international name for themselves. However, qualified technicians to service the machines were hard to find.

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The Stäubli range of shedding machines and accessories is extensive and covers all fields. This range includes the cam motions, the negative dobbies and rotary dobbies as well as high-performance harness motions and quick links and the frames. Depending on the type of machine, mechanical control by cams or lag-and-peg cards or electronic controls are used.

Stäubli dobbies are simple and user-friendly.
The range includes dobbies adapted to all models of weaving machines and weft insertion systems. It is also adapted to the fabrication of all fabric types, from basic fabrics to technical fabrics and double-pile fabrics and carpet.


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