Haixin International Precision - Haimen

Haimen, Jiangsu, China,

226100 Haimen,


T+86 (0)51382128166

F+86 (0)51382125188

CC 24456474

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Company description

Haixin International Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. We use the FUNAC and HAAS high tech CNC milling machines to customize all quality metal parts to meet customer requirements. We also have high-accuracy measures which are made in Japan that can support our quality controlling. Our skilled technicians can produce a variety of high and complicated accuracy components. With a reputation for service, quality, and short term lead time Haixin International is known through out the industry.

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Machining( milling, turning, drilling)
Casting(Die, sand, shell, investment)


We always provide the best price and qulity products according to customers' requirements.And ,clients' satisfaction is our firm's goal.



  • Construction or carbon steel
  • Aluminium (alloys)
  • General cast steel
  • Iron
  • Copper (alloys)
  • Stainless steel
  • Special steel
  • Spring steel


  • ISO 9001: 2000

Special production facilities

  • -Sheet metal Fabrication (Bend/Form/Roll , Bonding , Cutting-Laser , Cutting-Other , Welding/Brazing)
    - Molding (Blow,Bond, Rubber to Metal,Compression, Dip, Injection, Insert)
    - Stamping
    - Blanking
    - Coining
    - Deep Drawing
    - Die Cutting
    - Progressive Die


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