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Interesting requests

3-D printing aluminum or stainless steel

We are looking for a supplier for the following product: In the attached step and stl files you can find the product. Buyer would like a supplier who can produce this product with 3D printing. ...

Trampoline Stainless Steel

We are searching for a supplier for the following: Please send us a quotation for costruction work, 3 mm Stainless Steel with 4 tubes welded in. This should serve as a casing of a trampoline. P...

Steel profiles nuts 150 pieces

We are looking for a supplier for the production of steel profiles nuts: Material: construction steel/stainless steel Quantity: 150 pieces Process : Machining The bevel and outer dimensions ...

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Weldas Lashandschoen 10-2209LB

Verkrijgbaar in de maten L en XL.

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